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Welcome to Brusheria!

The home of delicious Procreate brushes and resources for digital artists.

I'm Vanja, a graphic designer in love with illustration. A few years ago I tried out Procreate on iPad and got hooked immediately!

For the first time, it was possible to undo my mistakes or quickly fill out large surfaces if I needed to. I was amazed.

For a while, I explored all the wonderful possibilities Procreate had to offer and noticed I was making more and more brushes to suit my specific projects & needs.

Pretty soon it was time to start editing and organizing these new brushes and that's how Brusheria was born :)

My goal is to make digital brushes that are easy to use whether you're a beginner digital artist or a professional illustrator. So after many months of testing and tweaking, I'm finally ready to share my brushes with you.

Let's learn and create together!